A dress shirt is an important piece of clothing for every man considering you will have to wear one a few times if not many. This is why On Time Fashions has them in different shapes and colors to fit into your everyday life. We understand that since a dress shirt covers half of your body, it needs to be as flattering as possible, so we have created them to accentuate the parts of you that are in the best shape. Ours will frame your face elegantly too.

We have them in different styles, so your pick should depend on just how formal you want to go with it. They come with different collars and cuffs, so you can count on us if you would like to go super formal or slightly casual.  Unlike in the past, your dress shirt no longer needs to be an undergarment to be worn with blazers and coats. Thanks to the different designs, prints, and patterns, it is a great standalone item.

At On Time Fashions, we sell modern and slim fit dress shirts, tuxedo shirts, and French cuff shirts to ensure you are well on-trend. We are committed to dressing you up in such a way that you are not left out when it comes to the greatest fits around.

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BARABAS: Panthera Slim Dress Shirt SPR963 - On Time Fashions Tuscaloosa
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