Jewelry is no longer just a preserve for women, and thankfully there is no longer stigma attached to the word when it comes to men. That's why On Time Fashions has stocked up on a variety for you to pick from. Jewelry will make your otherwise plain look pop without you having to try so hard.

We have a vast selection of jewelry that is sure to fit into your everyday style. We also have some for those days when you want to step out looking extra special. From bracelets to earrings, necklaces, and so much more. They come in different metals, stones, and beads. Price is a big detail people think of when it comes to buying jewelry. That’s why we have ours in different price ranges but with no compromise on their quality. We like to keep things pocket friendly for every man out there.

You can wear just one of these On Time Fashions jewelry or layer a bunch to go with your look.  Just always make sure you pick the pairs that go well together to avoid getting things all tacky should you choose to layer. It’s all about knowing how to work your way around these pieces. If you’re unsure, then less is more.

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KING ICE: 5mm 14K Gold Single Row Tennis Chain - On Time Fashions Tuscaloosa
KING ICE: Black Onyx Princess Studs - On Time Fashions Tuscaloosa
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KING ICE: 5mm Single Row Tennis Bracelet - On Time Fashions Tuscaloosa
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KING ICE: 14k Gold 4mm Dual Row Tennis Bracelet - On Time Fashions Tuscaloosa
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KING ICE: 14K Silver CZ Greek Key Hoop Earrings - On Time Fashions Tuscaloosa
Only 3 left!
KING ICE: Sterling Silver Round Onyx Earrings - On Time Fashions Tuscaloosa
38 results